• Starters + Barfare

    • Chips & Salsa


      corn tortilla chips with housemade salsa roja
      {add homemade guacamole - 4}

    • Asian Brussels Sprouts


      Roasted sprouts with housemade sweet and spicy sesame sauce and goat cheese

    • Edamame


      Olive oil and your choice of coarse sea salt OR housemade blend of Asian spices

    • Pretzel Bites & Queso


      Housemade queso blended with our signature pork green chili served with warm pretzel bites

    • Boot Nachos

      Half - 10 / Full - 14

      Corn tortilla chips, Jack and cheddar cheese, black beans, jalapeños, housemade pico de gallo, sour cream, fresh guacamole, and housemade salsa roja
      add Grilled Chicken OR Braised Short Rib | 4
      add Buffalo Grilled Chicken OR Grilled Steak* | 5

    • Truffle Fries


      French fries, tossed with truffle oil, parmesan cheese and parsley served with housemade truffle aioli

    • Wings

    • Wings

      13 / 23

      Choose from 10 or 20 Wings

      Choice of Sauce: Buffalo Hot, Sweet and Spicy Sesame, BBQ, Honey-Chipotle Molasses, Parmesan Ranch, Asian Spiced Dry Rub, Honey Hot

    • Soups

    • Homemade Pork Green Chili

      4 / 7


      Choose from cup or bowl

    • Soup of the Day

      4 / 7

      Choose from cup or bowl

    • Salads

      Add Protein to Any Salad OR Bowl: Grilled Chicken OR Tofu | 4 • Grilled Steak* | 5 • Grilled Atlantic Salmon*, Seared Ahi Tuna*, • Grilled Shrimp OR Blackened Barramundi | 6

    • Superfood Salad


      Farro, edamame, kale, blueberries, red grapes, dried cherries, feta cheese, sunflower seeds, sliced almonds, Greek yogurt with housemade vegetarian green goddess dressing

    • Harvest Cobb


      Mozzarella, crumbled applewood bacon, avocado, red onion, hard-boiled egg, apples, toasted pumpkin seeds, dried cherries, Romaine, housemade honey-dijon dressing
      Pairs well with grilled steak

    • The Roadhouse


      Housemade strawberry coulis, goat cheese, candied walnuts, apples, strawberries, dried cranberries, mixed greens, housemade cider dressing
      Pairs well with grilled chicken

    • Chopped Caesar


      Chopped Romaine, housemade Caesar* dressing, shaved parmesan and croutons
      Pairs well with grilled shrimp}

    • Thai


      Avocado, mango, peanuts, cabbage, mixed greens, bell
      pepper, mandarin oranges, crispy wonton strips with
      housemade wasabi vinaigrette
      Pairs well with *seared ahi tuna

    • Small House Salad

    • *Small Caesar Salad

    • Tacos

    • Short Rib


      2 Tacos, flour tortillas, braised short rib, cilantro, housemade apple-chipotle slaw, queso Cotija, pickled onion, served with housemade ranch potato chips
      Add a taco | 4

    • Ahi Tuna


      2 Tacos, flour tortillas, ahi tuna*, sweet and spicy sesame, housemade apple-chipotle slaw, crispy wonton strips, housemade mango salsa, served with housemade ranch potato chips
      Add a taco | 4

    • Blackened Fish


      2 Tacos, flour tortillas, blackened wild-caught fish, housemade mango salsa, housemade apple-chipotle slaw, served with housemade ranch potato chips
      Add a taco | 5

    • Sides

    • Sides


      Housemade ranch potato chips
      Housemade apple-chipotle slaw
      Crispy Brussels Sprouts
      Lemon-parm kale
      Sweet potato fries
      Onion rings
      Fresh fruit
      Jalapeño cream cheese mashed potatoes

    • Burgers

    • Build Your Own Burger

      We use Aspen Ridge™ Natural Beef for all of our burgers. It starts exclusively with family-owned farms that are Certified Humane. The animals are raised on 100% vegetarian diet, they never use therapeutic antibiotics or any supplemental hormones or growth promotants. This is a premium product of the USA.

      All burgers are served with a choice of fries, housemade apple-chipotle slaw, lemon-parm kale OR house made ranch potato chips

      Sub any other side – 2
      Sub gluten-free bun – 3

      Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickle by request

      Aspen Ridge™ hormone-free beef* – 11
      Red Bird grilled chicken breast – 11
      Grilled Salmon - 11
      Impossible burger - 11
      Garden burger veggie patty – 11

      Add any combination of the following: 1/each
      American, Brie, Cheddar, Swiss, Crumbled bleu cheese, Mozzarella, Jalapeño Jack, Sautéed wild mushrooms, Caramelized onions, Crispy onions, BBQ sauce

      Add any combination of the following: 1.5/each
      Applewood bacon, Housemade guacamole, Pork green chili, Avocado, Fried egg*

    • Hardscrabble Mountain Burger


      Aspen Ridge™ hormone-free beef patty*, cheddar, Applewood bacon,
      sautéed Colorado mushrooms, caramelized onions on a brioche bun

    • Boot


      Aspen Ridge™ hormone-free beef patty* jalapeño jack, crispy onions,
      Applewood bacon, guacamole on a brioche bun

    • The Jam


      Aspen Ridge™ hormone-free beef patty*, housemade bacon-onion apple jam, Applewood bacon, brie, arugula on a brioche bun

    • Fat Burger


      Aspen Ridge™ hormone-free beef patty*, three onion rings, BBQ sauce, Applewood bacon, cheddar on a brioche bun

    • Truffle Burger


      Aspen Ridge™ hormone-free beef patty*, caramelized onion, sautéed wild mushrooms, arugula, housemade truffle aioli on a brioche bun

    • Impossible Burger


      100% plant veggie burger, pesto aioli, roasted red pepper, spring mix on a brioche bun

      This new burger is rich in plant proteins, fat from coconut oil, and heme, which is an ingredient found in all living things that gives meat its flavor. The plant based heme comes from fermentation and contains no animal products.

    • All American


      4 oz. slider patty*, Applewood bacon, cheddar, housemade secret sauce, shredded lettuce on a squishy bun
      Make it a double-double | 4

    • House Specialties

    • Fajitas


      Chicken OR 1855™ steak*, red and green bell peppers, onions, Jack and cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, roasted jalapeño, housemade chipotle aioli, sour cream, housemade guacamole with flour tortillas

    • Garlic Shrimp Bowl



      Blackened-garlic shrimp, zucchini linguine, tomatoes, roasted bell peppers, sautéed onions, cilantro, water chestnuts, Brussels sprouts with housemade coconut-citrus broth
      Sub blackened chicken | No Charge

    • Short Rib Enchiladas



      Braised short rib, jalapeño Jack, corn tortillas, housemade jalapeño-white cheddar cream sauce, housemade honey-chipotle molasses with crispy Brussels sprouts

    • Lemon Chicken


      Grilled chicken breast, housemade lemon herb cream sauce, artichoke hearts, roasted garlic Yukon Gold mashed potatoes and lemon-parm kale

    • Pan-Seared Salmon



      Atlantic salmon*, roasted garlic Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, housemade rosemary-tomato marmalade and broccolini

    • Tuna Poke Bowl


      Housemade ahi tuna poke*, farro, avocado, edamame, wonton chips, mango, cilantro, sesame seeds and housemade ponzu citrus vinaigrette

    • Chipotle Shrimp Tostadas


      Sautéed chipotle shrimp, housemade mango salsa, avocado, housemade apple-chipotle slaw on crispy corn tortillas

    • Steaks

      We use 1855™ Black Angus Beef Products sourced from two 3rd-generation cattle ranches in the rich north grasslands of Nebraska. Only the very best USDA Prime and Upper 2/3 Choice qualifies as 1855™ Black Angus. Hand-prepared and served to you here at the Dusty Boot.

    • Steak Frites


      8oz 1855* sirloin*, housemade chimmichurri sauce, broccolini with truffle skinny fries and truffle aioli

    • Roadhouse Ribeye


      16oz 1855™ ribeye*, roasted garlic Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, broccolini, roasted-leek garlic butter

Additional Sauces | .50 each Side Truffle Aioli | 2.50
Split Plate Charge | 2.50